More Than Just Exercise – Get Started On Your Recovery At Assure Rehab Canning Vale


How Can We Help?


Exercise Physiology

Lose weight, improve sport performance, build strength, and increase fitness. Increase function to play with kids or leisure. 


Exercise Rehabilitation

Treat or assist in managing cancer, diabetes, pre/post-operative management and more


Injuries, Pain & Medical Conditions

Chronic pain, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, mental health, osteoporosis, PCOS, workers compensation or motor vehicle accidents 


Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA)

Weightloss, anxiety & depression, injuries, chronic pain, PTSD, arthritis, heart disease 


Medicare EPC/CDM - GP Care Plans

For chronic or complex conditions with a GP Care plan (EPC/CDM Program) 


NDIS Exercise Physiology

Build physical capacity, decrease pain, increase function, gain more independence, wheelchair friendly location


Frequently Asked Questions

During your initial appointment, we make sure we have enough time to listen to your needs and specific problems. This is why we allow up to an hour for initial consults.

First we will go through a comprehensive assessment to identify any injuries or risks to exercise. Then, we will review your medical history, medications, lifestyle and diet. 

Our EP will discuss your goals and what kinds of exercise you are interested in. After all, it is important that you are enjoying exercise program or you may not achieve the results and benefits. 

Lastly, we may propose a personalised exercise plan. This will be made simple, easy to follow, and tailored to achieve your goals with safe exercises.


*If you have recent and relevant blood test results, X-rays, ultrasound or MRI images, please bring them along. 

*If you have any medicare card or health insurance card, please bring them along to your appointment (if eligible).

Every session is different, but we will always start with measurement and/or check-in. We believe mental health is a strong component to this – this is why we focus both on your mental and physical health prior to starting to best prescribe a safe program.

If required, we may do measurements such as blood pressure or pain levels. These will be completed post-exercise as well.  All sessions will commence with a warm-up, whether a cardiovascular exercise, dynamic exercises, or mobility work to increase muscle activation and blood flow which will reduce your risk of injury.

A structured program will be prescribed consisting of various exercises to achieve your goals. All sessions will be different and we prescribe a variety of exercises that are fun and challenging. The session will finish with stretching to reduce muscle soreness post sessions.

Yes! We accept a wide variety of private health covers for exercise physiologists, such as HBF and Bupa just to name a few. You will need to contact your private health fund to determine your coverage.

*If you have any medicare card or health insurance card, please bring them along to your appointment (if eligible).

Anytime! You can see an Exercise Physiologist even if you are in the healthy population and want personal training sessions.

We see an extensive range of people including people who are going through cancer treatment, recovering from injuries, pre and post-surgery clients and people who want to improve their longevity of independence being at home.

Depending on your reason for attending you can see results as early as the first session. However, this can vary, we typically see results after 2-6 weeks.

Please note that a cancellation policy is in place. Should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please do give us 24 hours notice or you may be charged a cancellation fee. Thank you for your consideration.

We recommend seeing an Exercise Physiologist a minimum of once per week however to get the maximum results from your treatment we recommend 2 or 3 depending on your availability.

Exercise Physiologists or EP’s are trained extensively in the management of injuries specifically and chronic diseases. We have a 4 year university degree specialising in human anatomy and biomechanics.

To be a personal trainer, no university degree is required. 

Even though we specialise in medium to high risk clientele, we are qualified to assist everyone with their exercise journey. As an EP, we will tailor programs to the patient’s needs, not just a general or generic program.

For your exercise session, please bring the following: 

  • Shoes and socks for exercise (athletic, orthotic shoes);
  • Drink bottle;
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely as you may be asked to do a range of movements.